Guoan reserve team shuangyue, Renhe retraining first game changed into team competition

Guoan reserve team “shuangyue”, Renhe retraining first game changed into team competition
Renhe will conduct the first game after retraining.Information map / club official micro sauna, Ye Wang learned from Beijingers and the team that the team will be established tomorrow morning in the West Fifth Ring Base to play a team confrontation. This will be the team’s first game after retraining.Next, the team and the team from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei warmed up.Beijing Renhe assembled in Beijing on April 14 and received 14 days of quarantine at the training base of the West 5th Ring Road.On April 28th, the team conducted the first training after returning to Beijing. The recent training mainly focused on physical recovery.With the improvement of the domestic epidemic, more and more clubs began to join the teaching competition in training.According to the alleged coach Wang Bo, the coaching staff recently arranged at least three teaching matches to complement daily training. The opponents are mainly from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.The team’s first game will start in the training base at 11 am tomorrow, in the form of a team match.According to the sauna, Yewang understands that the team ‘s original warm-up opponent is the Guoan Reserve Team, but for some reason, and the warm-up plan was canceled yesterday, the team and the coach temporarily replaced the game for internal confrontation.Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Xiaofan Editor Wang Xihuang Proofreading Zhao Lin