Zhen Huan Biography with a hot ice, now debuts on the stage of national competitions

“Zhen Huan Biography” with a hot ice, now debuts on the stage of national competitions
Sophie Asahi’s thirteen-style performance fragment.Produced by the Beijing News Sports Channel in 2006, Zhu Yongshuai first saw the “Bing Xi Tu” in the National Palace Archive in the column of “National Treasure Archives”, and then he began to collect and sort out such Qing Dynasty “national customs” data.Five years later, “Zhen Huan Biography” was in flames. When An Lingrong was dancing on the ice, “Bing Xi” was also known to more people. Zhu Yongshuai and his Bing Xi team who participated in the shooting took the stage.In the 11th National Excellent Traditional Sports Games being held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, Beijing has brought nine performance projects, including Bingxi, a project with strong winter Olympic characteristics.During the Winter Olympics in Pingchang, the “Ice Play” collected by the Palace Museum went to the Chinese home of China’s leader, and the President of the International Olympic Committee Bach held a magnifying glass to observe China’s ancient winter sports.Ice sport is a multi-item sport that includes archery, limbs, skills, routines and confrontation.According to Zhu Yongshuai, a contemporary ice playmaker, the ice sports recorded in historical materials include several flowers such as the monkey holding the peach, the harrier Panyun, the golden rooster independent, the Nezha exploring the sea, the phoenix spreading the wings, the double flying swallow, the big scorpion, shaking, incense claw and other flowersformula.”The 2022 Winter Olympics moved into ancient Beijing. Many people did not know that we have such a long history on ice.We want to promote this campaign through this platform and show it to everyone through a 10-minute arrangement.”Zhu Yongshuai said.The early stage ice show in Beijing.Sauna, Ye Wang Sun Haiguang Photographs According to historical records, the time for ice-skating in ancient times was about three or four hours.In order to facilitate the promotion, Zhu Yongshuai and his team started to sort out Bingxi related materials, and finally selected 5 projects.The five items are grabbing (similar to speed skating), grabbing the ball on ice (similar to rugby), turning the ball to shoot, one horse thirteen (similar to figure skating) and bright row (similar to similar skating).In preparation for this year’s national first-class traditional sports games, Zhu Yongshuai contacted Huimin Primary School and Huimin Experimental Primary School and organized 14 scholars to practice ice sports.”The team members are basically third to fifth grade students, and many people learn from scratch.”Zhu Yongshuai said that the children didn’t rest during the summer vacation, practiced against the sun for three weeks, and their skin was black with several color numbers.”In addition, the ice sports team and the Chinese Roller Skating Association tried to cooperate, and invited the world champion of roller skating Su Feiqian, Zhang Hao and Asian Championship champion Qin Yuqing to help, their performance of the 13 horses caused a stir.In the world of roller skating, 21-year-old Sophie has a shallow and extremely high popularity and is known as the “Queen of Roller Skating”.After the first round of performance demonstrations, several volunteers followed the Beijing team to the background to find Sophie, “Are you really Sophie?Are you really that world champion Sophie?”Despite wearing roller skates instead of skates, Sophie said that the two items are interlinked,” this is our first time to show at a traditional sports meeting across the country, and also use the narration to explain ice sportsHistorical significance and culture.I added some game moves. Although I wear roller skates, I can still show the ice-fighting movements.”This is the first time Bing Xi appeared on the stage of a national competition. Zhu Yongshuai said that there are room for improvement in details including technology and clothing.It is convenient for athletes to make presentations.”Zhu Yongshuai hopes that the children will enjoy roller skating and skating after watching the ice sports, and show the unique charm of traditional Chinese ice and snow sports through vibrant performances.